How to make your own design on tee shirt?

If you are thinking of having custom tee shirts like kaos distro murah designed and produced for your group or organization, then there is no better time then today to have it done. This is because, amazing new technology now makes it possible to have more colors in you design and also your finished shirts are going to cost you less as well. In fact, many custom tee shirt design shops don't even have a minimum order requirement like you may have ran into in the past. This means that if all that you want, is to have just a few shirts done you can now afford to do it. 

New Digital Printing Technology The biggest change to hit the custom tee shirt design business, is the advent of new digital printing technology. With this new technology, custom tee shirts are created in much the same way as digital printing is done on paper. Your design is simply scanned into the printers memory and then the printer prints them based on the image that has been scanned in. No Minimum Amount Not only can far more colors be included in your custom tee shirt design, but there is no need for set up costs that come with older style silk screening methods. The end result, is that when you have your custom tee shirts created using this new technology, smaller lots can be done in a far more cost effective manner. 

Silk Screening Of course, silk screen techniques still have their place. For instance, if your custom tee shirt design calls for lighter colors being printed on a darker shirt, then they will most likely have to be silk screened. This is because, light colors over a dark fabric will necessitate the use of much thicker fabric dyes to cover properly. The problem with digital printing machines, is that they require a special thin fabric dye to function properly. 
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