How to Look Stunning With “Stranger Things “Outfit Theme

If you have watched “stranger things” then you must notice something unusual about their chloting style. one of the most passion and inspiration is the outfit of 1980’s children, lets say just like Kevin style in home alone.  Stranger things if you dont know is sci-fi TV series that’s on netflix and become new phenomenon recently. It said as one of the most succesfull tv shows that netflix has ever done. It’s very heavily inspired by 1980’s movies like ET and  the goonies.

If you find this tv series is good, then why not try to create some of the outfit from the show? Of course that would be weird if you wear this and go out with this outfit, but that would be good for halloween though. With hat, some creepy make up and bike that would be perfect and stunning for halloween. First up is Steve Harrington character who is the boyfriend of Nancy. Steve is good character because he is cool and but not overly so easy. Kind of creepy and manipulative. If you want to look like Steve is try to find vintage night trainers, blue jeans, a jumper of american apparel and a harrington jacket.

Continue with Mike character. Mike is everybody’s favourite character. He is so good, he’s got a very distinctive look. If you want to look like mike, find a gray t-shirt with blue collar and just put that with hoodie and gray jeans. So simple but it works! Number three, there is Jonathan and his glossy glossy hair. Eventough he is kind of the outcast, he is still very stylish. You can come up with a third denim jacket with fur lined and absolute essential for any wardrobe and a brown t-shirt. Basically you can create any stranger things by gong to american apparel, that’s the easiest way to get your vintage stuff. The last is Dustin, adorable Dustin. He is kind of a funny one who is also smart and sensible and he keeps the friendship group together. If you’re going to go with justin look, get a hat, a white t-shirt underneath and brown jacket. So, happy halloween, and if you havent seen stranger things yet definitely go check it out.

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