How to Make Pikachu and Charmander Halloween Costume With t-shirt base

If you’re invited to a halloween party really last minute and don’t want to go because you dint have a costume, this article will inspire you to create your own costume. The truth is, you can make a costume tshirt out of anything.  Pokemon go trend has become huge phenomenon this year and definitely this could be perfect theme to go for halloween with you and your friends.
So here is how you make your own pikachu costume.

Started with yellow foam and a headband. Out of the yellow foam , cut to your shapes.  The black sharpie we call it in black tip.  Taking a spear headband , wrap bottom of that. You’re aroound the headband secure it with hot glue. For the tail, for the lightening bolt shape on this yellow foam. Cut it out and call it in the bottom in the. On the other side of the tail, stick super flat wire so that tthe tail wont flop. Cover that with an extra piece of yellow foam. Then attach the whole tail to a yellow t-shirt with hot glue leaving some the tail of t-shirt like let two-out in the back. To pull this outfit together, yellow t-shirt with two little buns, some red cheeks, a black nose, and a matching yellow pants. Definitely optional.

For charmender costume,  you are going to need orange t-shirt.  Take orange foa, Cut out a long curved tail then with red foam cut out the fire pattern and make mini fire with yellow foam, stick them together the red and yellow  fire pattern with glue.  On the backside of the tail, add a wire. The length for the tail visibility . hot glueing this  down cover with another piece of orange foam.  On the t-shirt with hot glue the tail down, make sure that there was a decent amount poking out over the shoulder.  On the front of the t-shirt, cut a piece of yellow foam for the stomach and attach out with hot glue. If you think you need a little abit more touch of orange, you can add orange choker too.  
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